Please find attached the “50 things to do before you leave Moorgate” document.

This document encapsulates enrichment through our curriculum and provides children with experience and enrichment both at home and school. Children will be working towards achieving lots of these within school and there are also challenges for them to achieve at home too! We look forward to celebrating the children’s successes throughout the year.

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Ticked off: Join and take part in a club – Spring 2023 – Children have taken part in Nerf Wars and Archery.

Ticked off: Learn to sew a button – February 2023 – Children in Year 5/6 have been learning to stitch and sew within their DT lessons.

Ticked off: Visit a local Landmark – February 2023 – Children in Year 1/2 visited Tamworth Castle.

Ticked off: Try a new food February 2023– Reception children enjoyed a Chinese meal as part of their class celebrations for Chinese New Year.

icked off: Take part in a performance January 2023 – KS2 children took part in Young Voices with over 6,000 other children! Wow!

Ticked off: Visit a farmJune 2022 – Reception children visited Packington Farm.

Ticked off: Design a biscuitJune 2022 – KS1 created biscuits within their D&T lessons. They were tasty!

Ticked off: Toast a Marshmallow on an open fireJune 2022 – Children in Class K enjoyed a special treat as part of a Forest Schools morning for the best class attendance in the Summer Term.

Ticked off: Take a trip on a trainMay 2022 – KS1 children enjoyed a train ride at Conkers.

Ticked off: Learn to swimFebruary 2022– Swimming pool landed on the school playground! Every child in the school had the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons. Truly amazing enrichment!

Ticked off: Grow a plant & Watch it growMarch 2022 – Children in Years 1,2,5 & 6 have been growing a range of different plants as part of their science topics. Year 5 children even had the opportunity to take part in Gardening club.

Ticked off: Work with children in an older year group: May 2022 – Reception children read with the Wellbeing Warriors. We are so proud of how much progress they’ve made in their reading!

Ticked off: Borrow a book from the libraryMay 2022 – Year 1 pupils visited Tamworth Library and returned home with a library book.

Ticked off: Make a sculptureNovember 2021 – Visit from the chicken wire company. Year 3/4 children used metal to design and create their own fish.

Ticked off: Raise Money for a charity – October 2021 – All children took part in Hello Yellow Day and raised money for Young Minds.

Ticked off: Visit a local landmarkNovember 2021 – KS1 children visited the local area to identify a range of local landmarks including Tamworth Castle and the statue of Sit Robert Peel.

Ticked off: Visit a museum & Visit a new cityTuesday 14th January 2020 – KS1 children visited a Museum and went on a coach tour of London!  What an experience!

Ticked off: Take part in a performance Thursday 16th January 2020 – KS2 children took part in Young Voices with over 6,000 other children! Wow!

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