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Home learning at Moorgate follows the principles set out in our . Our strategy for Home Learning has been recently updated (March 2019) following a consultation with all stakeholders. A copy of that consultation is available, on request, from the school office.   

  1. Reading homework – Children need to be reading their book at home and getting an adult to sign to say what they have read and understood. The reading  records will be checked, by teachers and LSA’s regularly and followed up if children are not reading at home. Letters will sent home should children not be appearing to read at home. Additionally, as is current practise, those children identified as not reading at home need to be heard read regularly in school.
  2. Spelling homework – This is a whole school priority and we will still be sending out weekly spelling homework. However, rather than the sheets that we are currently sending out, the school has subscribed to Spelling Shed – an online resource for spelling games and activities. Additionally, staff can set 2do’s on Purple Mash for spelling.
  3. Maths Homework – there will be a focus in home learning on fluency within maths. This includes multiplication tables and arithmetic skills (focusing on the 4 rules: +, -, x and /).   Again, to support with this, school has subscribed to TT Rock Stars and Maths Shed

And that is it! Obviously, for spelling and maths, children will require a logon and we will do some training with the children regarding this. Children will bring home a sheet with their usernames and passwords for their relevant programmes and we will also be looking at introducing a homework club for families that do not have the ability to access the programmes at home. We are also looking into how we then let you know how/when the homework is available – text message etc. We are currently trialling sending a text and asking for feedback from parents at the end of the trial.

I know there will be those of you that want more, so as a school we will be creating an annual “Other things you could do with your child at home” sheet but we need to be clear that this is not homework that school will be marking. It may include things like: topic homework, diary writing, models that children create in the pop-up homework club, literacy extras that reinforce the current writing genre. Additionally, with each topic, there is a “Home Learning Ideas” and a “Parent and Carer Information” sheet available. These will be sent home with the topic newsletter each term.

Finally, for those finding homework too much and in light of the former Education Secretary’s  “Passport of Enrichment Activities”, we have also created a “50 Things to achieve  before you leave” activity passport to ensure that children who attend clubs such as the uniformed groups, gymnastics and dance, football, etc are given credit for attending these clubs. For more information, click here!