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LAC Attendance at Meetings 2021 - 2022

Structure and Function of the LAC

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LAC Members Claire Keast Chair of the LAC Link Role: Behaviour and Attitudes

I am married with 3 children who have all progressed through Primary school. 1 has left, 2 are still in high school. I was asked to chair the Local Academy Council in February 2015 because of my involvement in alternative education. I first volunteered in education back in 2005 at Walton Hall Special Needs School and became a qualified TA in 2007. I continued my volunteered role developing my skills and understanding of children with individual needs, until 2010 when I joined Tamworth Boxing who are a registered children’s charity. At the time the organisation was developing into an Alternative Education programme for senior schools using boxing as a medium to deliver qualifications. As the charity grew and developed my role became instrumental in pioneering alternative education for Primary School children. Over several years I guided and developed the programme from afternoons to full time provision, as a result of this, permanently exclusions have reduced within the Tamworth area. I am extremely proud of my involvement with the charity and the development that have been achieved. My aim is to use my experiences and knowledge to assist Moorgate in their development and objectives to become an outstanding school.

Karen Cannon LAC Member Link Role: n/a


Harvey Griffith Community LAC Member Link Role: HT Performance Management

I became a member of the Academy Council in February 2015 through the SGOSS scheme, a service that matches local volunteers to schools that need business professionals to join their governing body. I live in Kingsbury and am married with 3 children of varying ages. My eldest is currently studying to become a primary school teacher while my youngest is currently in Primary Year 3. Throughout my career in Customer Service Management I have gained a wide range of skills – from managing to tight budgets through to developing a highly engaged workforce. And I am delighted to be able to utilise these skills to help make a difference in my local community. Having watched my children progress through the various stages of education, I am keen draw on these experiences and the skills I have gained at work to ensure that Moorgate continues to go from strength to strength.

Susan Carr Community LAC Member Link Role: EYFS

I became a member of the Academy Council in February 2015, following an appeal for volunteers from the business community to join their governing body. I am a Mother to 2 children and a Grand Mother of 3. Both my children work as education professionals, one a Teacher and the other a Nursery Manager and as a family we are passionate about the welfare, the vital importance of stimulating young minds and the need to provide a supporting environment where children can develop to their full potential. 12 years ago following an extensive career in procurement that included commodities and retail goods I opened my own Children’s Nursery (Orchard House Nursery) in the centre of Tamworth.  I am extremely proud to say that we were awarded OUTSTANDING by Ofsted at our latest inspection. Utilising my skills I am delighted to be a member of the Governing body, to help make a difference in my local community and to ensure Moorgate Academy continues to grow in its academic prowess.

Marie Trevelyan
(Staff Member)
Staff LAC Member I have been a member of the LAC since March 2019 and have been a class teacher at Moorgate for the past 5 years. I am currently a PPA teacher, which is a role I really enjoy as it gives me the opportunity to teach across the whole school and experience working with a range of children and staff. I am also leader of Music, RE and MFL at Moorgate and I take pride in planning and delivering these subjects to allow children to receive a broad and balanced curriculum. I became a LAC member as I wanted to be able to work as part of the wider team and offer my expertise as a teacher in order to help Moorgate grow as an academy and ensure that all children have the chance to ‘achieve, challenge and enjoy’.
Zoe Goodwin
Parent LAC Member
Link Role: Quality of Education

I became a member of the Local Academy Council in November 2016. I have a vested interest in helping the school to thrive, because both my children have been pupils at Moorgate Academy.  My son is now at High School and my daughter is in key stage two.

As a Local Academy Council member I aim to help the school deliver its vision, which matches exactly what I would like my own children’s experience of education to be. I want them to achieve their best, challenge themselves and enjoy their learning and will do all I can to make this a reality for them and their fellow pupils.

In my working life I have held various communications and marketing roles and hope to use this experience to add value to the Local Academy Council.

Jonathan Williams
(Staff Member)
Headteacher I am proud to be the Headteacher of Moorgate Primary Academy. Moorgate is a 1½ form entry primary school located in the heart of Tamworth that currently has 275 children on role. Throughout my career I have always sat on governing bodies and have always had an interest in the business side of school. As headteacher on the LAC, it is my primary aim to ensure that the LAC are well informed with all aspects of school and provide a transparent approach to governance. This way, the LAC have all the information needed to ensure accurate support and challenge for the school. I am extremely lucky to have such a knowledgeable LAC who bring many varied and valid skills to the Local Academy Council.
Zoe Schnepp Parent LAC Member Link Role:  n/a




Sarah Williams Community LAC Member Link Role:  HT Performance Management

I became a member of the Local Academy Council in September 2015 after volunteering through the SGOSS Scheme. The Scheme assists to match business professionals with schools to help build the skill set of their governing bodies. I grew up in Tamworth and moved back after studying to become a solicitor. I owe my career to my education and a desire to learn and achieve that was nurtured by my family and some excellent teachers. I feel passionately that access to a good education is the key to every child being able to chart their own future. As a member of the Moorgate LAC I hope to be able to apply my skills as a corporate solicitor to assist the Academy in its journey of continued improvement and in doing so, give something back to the community that I grew up in.

Vicki Eaglefield
(Staff Member)
Staff LAC Member I am proud to be the Deputy Headteacher of Moorgate Primary Academy. During my time at Moorgate, I have had many roles including Class teacher with the responsibility of English Lead and Early Years Leader and now Deputy Headteacher. Since being appointed as Deputy in Spring 2019, I am keen to take a more proactive role in the Local Academy Council to have a greater impact on outcomes for our pupils. I am passionate about education and especially that of the children at Moorgate ensuring that every pupil reaches their full potential during their time with us.

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