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Hola Mexico!

23rd January 2019

Y5/6 Mexico Workshop— On the first day back of the new year, Y5/6 had a great time launching their new topic—Hola Mexico, by having a full Mexican workshop day! The children learned a lot about the rainforests in the morning; did some map work to locate Central America and Mexico. They took part in a quiz where they had to listen to animal noises from the rainforest and work out which animal it was. They also did a part-word/matching activity where they then learned about what the word was / meant (eg  flesh eating bacteria and arachnids). The afternoon was focussed on the Mayans, where they settled and what their hidden cities were like. They also took part in some Mayan maths problems before a team building activity where they had wooden corks and had an elastic band and string and had to build a tower. They then looked at their traditional clothing and two children were dressed up and their photos imposed into the Mayan civilisation.

As you know, these enrichment activities can only happen with your support. If you haven’t already, please consider paying the £10 voluntary contribution for trips and enrichment this year on Parent Pay (so far 36% of funds have been paid). Please, see Mrs. Mitchell in the office for more details.




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