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Potions Class is "DanTastic!"

09th November 2020

Dan Tastic is a magician/scientist that came to talk about how magic was formed and how it was used for medicine. In the Egyptian times, people used things like pig eyes to help patients with infected eyes. If someone had a tummy ache, they used an African hedgehog as medicine. There are lots of different types of potions, such as love potions, and potions to change people’s behaviour into animal-like behaviour. Magicians would read magical spells or ‘enchantments’ using words which can be read backwards e.g. Yo banana boy and oozyratinasanitaryzoo. Can you read that backwards? They are known as palindromes.

Here are the thoughts of some children we asked:

“I liked it when he put lots of potions together to make a glass orb and he predicted the future: lots of homework! He also fixed the Rubix cube really fast.”

“I learnt that there are tons of potions in the world. An interesting fact is that if you extract the poison out from a pufferfish and give it to someone, that person will faint and be dug alive. People would think they have died but in fact they hadn’t.”

We surveyed all of the children in year 3 and year 4 and 100% liked the workshop!