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The Pod - Our New Before and After School Club!

06th November 2020

Coming Monday 16th November 2020!! 


A new system for wraparound care at Moorgate Primary Academy.

The Pod – New Wrap Around Child Care at School

As you know, we have desperately been looking for a safe way to bring back Child Care and to accommodate your needs (supporting working parent’s / key workers / vulnerable families). I am pleased to tell you that we are finally in a position to do this. Therefore, from Monday 16th November, our before and after school provision is back! As I’m sure you will appreciate, this has not been an easy undertaking, and we have had to make adjustments, but we are now in a position to offer the following:

New Brand for a New System – The Pod!

We have retired the name Busy Kids and are replacing it with The Pod! The Pod is the room where the children were (prior to the hall) and the significance of The Pod is the name for a family (of dolphins) that never leaves anyone out (this was an assembly that I did with the children a while back). Therefore, The Pod is a place where children will always be welcomed, never feel left out and always feel included as part of a group.  #PodSquad!