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Welcome to our Digital Prospectus.

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Welcome from our Headteacher

Welcome to our digital prospectus! We hope it will provide you with a flavour of what Moorgate is all about. If you would like to book a tour or a meeting, please contact the office to arrange a suitable time.
Moorgate is a very friendly Academy with caring and supportive staff. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment for children to develop into learners for life. Our Academy vision is simple; Achieve, Challenge, Enjoy!  In essence this means we strive for our children to achieve their best, challenge themselves and enjoy their learning.  We place a big emphasis on this vision in all that we do; through the curriculum we deliver, through the opportunities that we provide for children and their families and also through the community which we so strongly value.
Working with parents is very important to us and in developing a partnership we always welcome views and comments on the school to move the children and school forward.     This will ensure that the children of Moorgate Primary Academy are the very best that the can be.
Jonathan Williams, Headteacher



 “Moor” Achievement

At Moorgate Primary Academy we expect all children to achieve their true potential.  There is a huge emphasis on academic outcomes; that children leave for high school with a range of knowledge and skills that will enable them to continue to be successful.  However, we also want all children to be polite, thoughtful, kind and understanding individuals who form strong and effective relationships with teachers and pupils alike.  We place a huge emphasis on rewarding and celebrating successes and achievements; from stickers to certificates through to Star of the Week and Star of the Year assemblies. We are focussed and driven to give children the experiences and opportunities to succeed and achieve! 









“Moor” Challenge

At Moorgate Primary Academy we set high expectations. All stakeholders have a responsibility to work relentlessly towards a clear and progressive vision where families and children are placed at the heart of our community; Parent and Pupil Ambassadors work with the Academy on a range of issues in order to help improve the experiences and outcomes of our learners. 
The Senior Leadership team, alongside the Local Academy Council work with all staff to create a positive ethos and culture where everybody works to a common goal; that children are happy, successful and resilient learners.  








“Moor” Enjoyment

At Moorgate Primary Academy we strongly believe that a happy child is a learning child. As such, we spend a great deal of time ensuring that our curriculum is exciting and engaging – in Reception, children have ‘The Big Idea’  where they have to be imaginative, resilient and cooperative in order to work around a specific problem.  All Topics have an exciting jumping off point and includes fun experiences that provide context to their learning.  We are extremely fortunate to have a new, custom-built building that is shaped around our children and our approach to teaching and learning including a Forest School area. All children are encouraged to make the most of the experiences at Moorgate Primary Academy and join in a range of extra-curricular activities – these include Young Voices, Multi-Sports and Ukulele Club!


“Moor” Learning

At Moorgate Primary Academy we place a huge emphasis upon the quality of teaching and learning.  By working with the School of Education at Staffordshire University we are able to access high quality and contemporary support and training.  This has included a great focus upon Singaporean maths where children can access a range of concrete resources to support their understanding of key concepts.
Moorgate Primary Academy ensures that the curriculum is bespoke to our learners; where teachers choose high-quality, engaging books that children love to read again and again.  An equal importance is placed on how we learn; that children are resilient and prepared to learn from their mistakes.  Cooperative and collaborative learning is at the heart of our teaching ethos; children can learn so much by working together! 











“Moor” Supportive

At Moorgate Primary Academy we strongly value the social and emotional wellbeing of both the children and their families.  We have a full time Early Help Leader who runs a range of nurture groups that are specific to the requirements of our children. This form of support is also extended to our families; we endeavour to place the school at the heart of the community.  We also have a comprehensive system for children who have special educational needs.  Our SEND Leader works closely with outside agencies and staff within school to ensure that these children have their needs met.  We are extremely lucky to have a multi-lingual member of staff who provides essential support to those children who have English as an additional language and celebrate the diversity of our school community.


“Moor” Prepared

At Moorgate Primary Academy we work hard to ensure that pupils are ready for the next phase of their educational career.  Before entering Reception, the Early Years Leader will visit the child and family to ensure that the start of the academic year is a smooth and exciting experience.  Additionally, we will visit the child in their nursery setting; this allows us to plan activities that they will find stimulating and enjoyable. We work hard with local High Schools as we want our Year 6 learners leave Moorgate Primary Academy confident that they shall be happy and successful in their new school.  The Early Help Leader delivers bespoke sessions during the summer term that deals with the theme of change and answers any questions the children may have; they really do find this experience to be invaluable.  Furthermore, teachers from the local high schools visit our children to gain a detailed understanding of each child before they join their school.   At the end of every academic year, teachers meet to hand over information to a child’s new class teacher. This ensures that every September, children have a smooth transition into their new classes and that they are ready to learn (and are fully supported) from the off!

Where to find us

Moorgate Primary Academy

Moorgate, Tamworth
B79 7EL

Tel: 01827 215240 Contact: office@moorgateacademy.co.uk

All email contacts sent to office@ will go straight to Mrs Mitchell. The email will then be forwarded on to the relevant member of staff.

Headteacher: Jonathan Williams


Deputy Headteacher: Vicki Eaglefield