Pupil Premium Strategy- September 2021

The school’s strategy in respect of the pupil premium for the current academic year focusses clearly upon two co-dependent approaches. These reflect the recommended practice in the NFER document Supporting the Attainment of Disadvantaged Pupils, Success & Good Practice and the needs of the children within this setting. They are:

  1. Structure: Pupil premium families require the social and emotional support to ensure that the children attend school frequently. This engenders a positive approach to both the school, education and ensures that children enter the classroom exhibiting effective behaviour for learning.
  2. Interaction: Children are exposed to a collaborative and cooperative pedagogy where they learn through experience, self-reflection and from their peers thus building learning resilience. They shall receive focussed and proportionate high quality teaching from all adults in the classroom.

The pupil premium allocation for the current academic year is £143,550

The way in which this money is spent on our learners reflects those barriers to educational achievement faced by pupil premium learners at Moorgate Primary Academy. These are:

  1. Attainment on entry
  2. Learning behaviours
  3. Attendance
  4. Family partnerships: a.Social and emotional b. Educational
  5. Social Mobility

The pupil premium allocation is used to address the barriers identified above. The way in which this is spent and how the impact and effect of its expenditure is measured, is detailed below.  This is reviewed on  a termly basis with the designated Local Academy Council member for Pupil Premium who will consequently present the findings to the full Local Academy Council.


Priority Area for development for disadvantaged children What are we spending the money on?Why are we spending the money on this? Which barrier/s does the strategy refer to? How/When will the impact be measured?


Ensuring the performance of these groups is in line with their peers and in line with national expectations (attendance / emotional resilience) This budget will pay for the salary of the Early Help Leader who has the responsibility for liaising with the families whose attendance, behaviour and/or appearance is a cause for concern.  There is an additional line within the budget to commission external agencies who provide specialist support. 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 5


Looking at patterns of attendance and progress of Pupil Premium Children. (Termly 2021/2022)


Ensuring the most disadvantaged children receive quality support in lessons to ensure children make improved progress impacting on attainment. -Additional TA provision to ensure consistency and support.

-Adding to the Early Help Team to ensure children are receiving quality emotional support.

-Ensure that LSAs  deliver quality  interventions to ensure quality of both provision and progress.

1, 2, 4b Looking at patterns of attendance and progress of Pupil Premium Children. (Termly 2021/2022)
Pupils rely on low tier vocabulary in both speaking and writing. They do not have a wide vocabulary resulting in barriers to comprehension; as a result many disadvantaged pupils attain below ARE within English. – Continual development of the English and Topic Curriculum to have a priority focus on language and vocabulary.

– Engagement in the ELSA programme to ensure children start their time at Moorgate, within EYFS, with a language rich programme and environment.

– Staff to receive high-quality CPD on closing the vocabulary gap through our in house Collaborative Development Programme.

1, 2, 4b Looking at patterns of progress of Pupil Premium Children. (Termly 2021/2022)


Families engendering a more positive approach towards school, education and learning. -Residential/Trip/Extended School Opportunities providing enrichment activities which the children might not otherwise get. 3, 4a, 5


Looking at patterns of attendance and progress of Pupil Premium Children. (Termly 2021/2022)


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