Moorgate Primary Academy’s core moral purpose is encapsulated in the vision statement for the academy: Achieve, Challenge, Enjoy!

Moorgate Primary Academy regards pupils as having special educational needs if they have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of learners of the same age or if they have a disability which either prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities provided for learners of the same age.

These children will need help that is ‘additional to or different from’ help that is given to other children of the same age. At Moorgate Primary Academy, we operate an equal opportunities policy for all learners, including those with special needs.

The categories of special educational need as set out in the SEN Code of Practice (2014) are:

  • communication and interaction
  • cognition and learning
  • social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • sensory and/or physical needs

Covid-19 Disclaimer (September 2020)

At Moorgate Primary Academy, we are doing everything we can to ensure a safe and secure environment for our pupils and staff during the current pandemic. This unfortunately means that at this time, other professionals and outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Therapists etc are unable to attend visits in school.

We are working together to ensure that contact is made and assessments can be planed for. Digital meetings have been arranged with outside agencies and other professionals where needed and we are finding ways to work together and support each other on a more digital platform.

If you have any concerns we still encourage you to talk to your child’s class teacher. Further to this if you would like to arrange a meeting with our SENCo Miss Wormall, you can do so via the school office. We do politely ask that, when you attend meetings in school with staff, you follow the government guidelines and wear a face covering.

Thank you

Miss Wormall


For more information please see our SEND documents:

SEND Intent

SEND Information Report

Accessibility Plan

Intervention - Local Offer

SEND Policy

Or contact Miss L Wormall (SENDcO) on 01827 215240 or email